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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer most of your questions on this page. Please do contact us if there's something we've not covered here.

Online Viewing Link

How will I receive my film?

We use a company called MediaZilla to deliver your film.


When you receive your link, you can create your own free account to watch your films. You will always have access to your films, using your account.

How can I watch it?

Your film will be accessible from any device including Smart TV’s.


The best way to watch MediaZilla content on a TV is through the use of the app. The app allows you to sign into your account and view your own library of content that has been delivered to you via MediaZilla.


MediaZilla currently have apps for the following devices:

Apple TV

Amazon Fire TV

Android TV

What's the difference between the Online Viewing Link and DVD?

The Online Viewing Link allows you to watch your film online at any time. MediaZilla stores your video in the cloud and is the best way to keep it safe for generations to come.


DVDs quickly deteriorate and are easily lost or damaged.

Streaming is provided in a higher quality high definition whereas DVD is standard definition. This means that you'll see a lot more detail in the video while streaming than you will on a DVD.

Why is the DVD more expensive?

DVDs are a physical media that cost more to produce.

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